Tributes to Vladimir Petrovsky

Vladimir Petrovsky led a full and accomplished life. He dedicated his career to public service—first to the people of Russia, and then to the wider international community and the United Nations.

Vladimir was an individual whose vision of the world revealed a belief in our common humanity—a quality which is all too rare, but precious.

Living through one of the tensest periods of international relations, he was the quintessential diplomat: a strong and consistent voice for dialogue, playing a key role in the complex diplomatic challenges of the Cold-War era.
The United Nations and the international community of Geneva were shaped
by his vision of a city of peace and diversity, where people from all corners of the world work in partnership for a fairer, more secure world.

Kofi Annan
Secretary-General of the United Nations, 1997-2006

I had a great affection and sincere friendship with Vladimir Petrovsky.
He was a man devoted to encounter, conciliation and dialogue. His career is an example of courage and farsightedness.
Because of his vision and action I pay tribute to him. His example will remain.

Federico Mayor
Director-General of UNESCO, 1987-1999
 Chairman, Foundation for a Culture of Peace

Our decades-long conversations on topics of international affairs always ended up in a friendly dialogue, during which he shared his unorthodox views on the past and the future—views which were based on fundamental theoretical reflections. After such discussions, one could not but admire his sharp world outlook. He was one of the best people of Russia.

V. V. Zhurkin
Academician, Founder and Honorary Director,
 Institute of Europe, Russian Academy of Sciences